Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey everyone! I recently finished a couple of projects that make great Xmas presents for under $20!

I created all of the artwork for The Ballet's new album BEAR LIFE. ( The CD comes with a pretty magic wand that activates a cute 2 frame animation that is paired with each track. I also tell a sad story on track 5. For ordering details, click here.

Another great holiday gift idea is the Winnipeg Babysitter DVD. Order online.


Daniel Barrow's Winnipeg Babysitter has been alternately described as a curatorial, performance, and a documentary project, and now finally Winnipeg’s public access history has been archived on a DVD, featuring early performances by Guy Maddin, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, The Cosmopolitans, Magic Mike, Natalie and Ronnie Pollock, and many more.

In the late 70s and throughout the 80s, Winnipeg experienced a golden age of public access television. Anyone with a creative dream, concept or DIY politic would be endowed with airtime and professional production services. Winnipeg Babysitter traces unique vignettes from a brief synapse in broadcasting history when Winnipeg cable companies were mandated to provide public access as a condition of their broadcasting license. Because the local public access archives were destroyed in the mid-90s, programs could only be found in the VHS collections of the original producers. In cases when these producers did not save their own work, curator Daniel Barrow had to rely on television collectors, fans and enthusiasts. In this regard, Winnipeg Babysitter is an archival project that restores a previously lost history.

Do not miss your chance to purchase a copy of this very limited edition DVD. ONLY $20

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